GEONOR is one of the most important mining research companies in Spain, with a wide range of machinery (more than twenty pieces of equipment), versatile (indoor and outdoor equipment) and in continuous renewal (acquisition of new equipment every year).

Versatility as a value marks the difference between GEONOR and its competitors, both for the possibility of carrying out complete research campaigns (indoors and outdoors), and for the development of these campaigns with the desired inclination, length and drilling diameter.



GEONOR provides geotechnical engineering services in all phases of development, from the design of research campaigns, through the execution of field work and laboratory tests, to the drafting of geotechnical reports and documentation, as well as technical assistance in any of the phases.

GEONOR has extensive experience in the field of building and civil engineering geotechnics. It has successfully carried out more than 2,000 geotechnical studies for buildings of various types, as well as numerous reports and geotechnical studies for civil works (wind farms, roads, motorways, gas pipelines, dams, power stations, etc.).

GEONOR offers you the geotechnical expertise of its technicians for the optimum development of your projects anywhere in the world with its international geotechnical consultancy service.


Geophysical equipment and solutions can provide many of the answers engineers need to solve complex engineering problems. Identifying potential hazards early, preferably before a project is launched, is essential for safety and cost control during the project life cycle.


The evolution in the underground mining market has been the direct consequence of the recent appearance of high-power electric core recovery probes (borehole lengths between 800 and 1,000 metres).

This equipment, in addition to its usefulness in mining research, opens up a very important range of possibilities from the point of view of geotechnical research focused on underground infrastructures.


To carry out laboratory tests, GEONOR has qualified personnel from various branches with extensive experience in the construction sector, both in civil engineering and building. GEONOR also has the most modern equipment for physical, chemical and mechanical testing of soils, rocks, construction materials and water.

GEONOR has an integrated Quality Management System certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard by SGS, and which complies with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.