GEONOR is a multidisciplinary company founded in 2001, dedicated to providing services in the fields of Civil Engineering, Building and Mining. We are specialists in the development of mining and geotechnical research campaigns, as well as technical assistance in these fields.

As a result of our know-how, GEONOR has positioned itself as one of the companies with the highest level and potential in its field of activity in Spain.

Positioned internationally, GEONOR develops projects in Europe, South America and Africa.

We have great professionals with extensive experience in the sectors in which they work.

Excellence is one of the basic pillars on which the entire company is based.


GEONOR BRASIL’s offices and laboratories are located in the city of Natal, capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte (RN), in the Northeast of Brazil, in one of the two areas (along with the South) with the greatest wind potential in the country.

Since its foundation in 2012, focused on geotechnical assistance to large wind projects being developed throughout the country.

GEONOR has been accredited since the beginning of its activity by the Xunta de Galicia according to Decree 441/1990 and Order FOM 2060/2002 in the following areas for quality control in construction:


Area of soundings, sampling and in situ tests for geotechnical surveys.

15025 GTC 05 B


Geotechnical laboratory testing area.

15025 GTL 05 B


Area of control of flexible and bituminous road pavements.

15025 VSF 05 B


GEONOR has an integrated Quality Management System certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard by SGS, and which complies with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

In accordance with the Omnibus Law, in April 2011 GEONOR presented its responsible declaration certifying that it complies with the conditions established in Royal Decree 410/2010, of 31 March, which sets out the requirements for building quality control entities and testing laboratories for building quality control to carry out their activities.

In the field of mining research, GEONOR complies with the provisions of the Complementary Technical Instructions established in the general prescriptions ITC 06.0.01, as well as in ITC 06.0.03 Execution of boreholes with tower, and in ITC 09.0.16 Electricity. Boreholes, in addition to the relevant provisions according to the work to be carried out both inside the mine and outside.



All GEONOR personnel have the appropriate health and safety training for the job they perform in compliance with the Law on the Prevention of Occupational Risks 31/1995.

The provisions for specific sectors of activity, work equipment and protection as well as specific risks are also complied with.